Eat Pray Love

Background Memoir: Eat, Pray, Love by American author Elizabeth Gilbert. Premise: A recently divorced woman rediscovers who she is by exploring the meaning of life in Italy, India, and Bali. Adaptation Status: The film Eat Pray Love was released to American audiences 13 August 2010. America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts stars along with Javier Bardem as her Brazilian man candy. Billy … Continue reading


Sunday Samples – October 30

One more day until Halloween! I hope you all have fantastic costumes lined up for this year and a queue of horror movies on Netflix. Top of my list are adaptations The Others (inspired by the Henry James novella The Turn of the Screw) and Silence of the Lambs (adapted from the 1988 novel by … Continue reading

Television Thursdays- Once Upon a Time

Elegant WordArt Background Short Story: Once Upon a Time is a modern-day interpretation of Snow White, the medieval fairy tale which has countless variations all over Europe. The best known interpretation is the German version, written down by Brothers Grimm. Premise: Snow White’s kingdom has been placed under a terrible curse by the Evil Queen where they are … Continue reading

Never Let Me Go

Background Novel: Never Let Me Go by Japanese-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro Premise: A group of friends discover the dystopian truth that awaits them beyond the walls of their boarding school. Adaptation Status: The film Never Let Me Go premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. It stars current British It-girl Carey Mulligan alongside Keira Knightley and … Continue reading


Apologies for the delays in posts, it’s been hectic around here. In a few minutes, I’ll go ahead and post what was supposed to go up this week. Hopefully things will resume a more regular schedule in the upcoming weeks. Also, I’m finding so many adaptation news articles on the internet that the Sunday news … Continue reading

Sunday Samples- October 23

I hope you’re all having a lazy and relaxing Sunday. To get you started for the upcoming week, I have rounded up the latest in adaptation news. Read on and enjoy. – Everyone’s favorite mobile game Angry Birds is becoming a feature film. Rovio, the mobile company who produces Angry Birds, is teaming up with Marvel … Continue reading

Why Adaptation?

Creative adaptations are one of the most intriguing and controversial forms of art. Many believe that adaptations are not art at all, but symbols of corporate greed as film studios rush the latest novels or comic books onto the big screen at the expense of original content. Writers in particular can be cruel towards other … Continue reading