TV Adaptations: Fall 2012 TV Pilots Part Two

In Part 2, we’re looking at new adaptation pilots from CW and NBC. The pilots are predominately dramas this year though NBC did have one comedy in their rotation. CW’s pilots are mainly fantasy and science fiction series starring young people, which is their bread and butter. Their source material is almost entirely literary with … Continue reading

TV Adaptations: Fall 2012 TV Pilots Part One

The 2012 fall TV pilot schedule has been released! There are some real gems on the list and a few that have made me scratch my head in confusion.┬áThis year there are quite a few foreign adaptations from the international marketplace, mainly Britain and Israel. There also the usual book to television adaptations which are … Continue reading

Television Thursdays- Foreign Language Adaptations

EDIT: This was supposed to go up Thursday but got held up. Apologies for the delay. As more and more people migrate around the world in search of jobs and opportunities, many different cultures come together and transform their surroundings. Globalization has hit every aspect of our lives…even television. For today’s “Television Thursdays” column, I … Continue reading